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Can Linux development in the embedded industry be improved? We evaluate the suitability of the Long Term Support Initiative in light of current engineering practices.


A research study undertaken for the Linux Foundation's Consumer Electronics Working Group by Operational Dynamics. Linux Foundation


It was expected that we would find commonalities and duplications of effort. What was astounding was that we also found de-facto collaboration. The problem is that this collaboration is not happening inside the normal transparent Linux development process.

Massive duplication of effort

There is an emergent common ground

Inevitable integration effort


The objective of the Yaminabe study was to see if evidence supported the imperative to establish a supported tree for the embedded industry. We anticipate such a process improvement, now announced as the Long Term Support Initiative, will benefit all CE vendors:

Reduce code fragmentation

Concentrate integration activity

Support vendors’ engineers

The LTSI staging tree will be of great value as a commonly accepted integration point. We encourage vendors, manufacturers, and the broader community to support its adoption.

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